What is a Mandala?
Mandala is a Sanskrit term used to describe a geometric pattern that represents the cosmos. According to Jungian psychology, the mandala is a symbol of self-reunification. In short, mandalas remind us that we can find wholeness within ourselves because we are made of the same basic building blocks that everything else in the cosmos is made from.
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Create Your Own Mandala Playt

  • I offer 45-120 min lessons for people of 4+l ages.

  • Location: My studio in Poulsbo, WA or a home/ event space of your choosing, as long as it is in the greater Seattle area.

  • You will need: Just bring yourself! I will supply the paints, utensils, stencils, and plates. Please confirm with me at least 48 hours in advance so I can come prepared with the appropriate items for the number of people attending.

  • Languages: I am happy to teach workshops in either English or Russian, but not both in the same lesson.

  • Price: This depends on many factors (i.e. time required for the workshop, number of people attending, location of event and travel time, etc.), so please contact me for a quote.

  • Note: I recommend choosing a 45-minute lesson if young children are taking part in the workshop. My standard is a 60-minute lesson for adults, but I can extend this to a 90-minute session if requested in advance.
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Anyone can do this
I have taught many classes to date, and one thing I can say for certain is that creating mandalas will make you feel younger and more energized!

I have seen firsthand how focusing on artwork instead of a computer screen can bring life back into tired eyes. And it's no wonder- at the end of my workshop you will have a tangible sense of accomplishment which is all your own.

Creating art alongside friends and loved ones is a beautiful tool for group bonding and familial peace because it affects each individual in a positive way.
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I work everyday to make my clients happy.
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Frequantly asked questions
How much time does it take to complete a Mandala?
This is completely up to the artist and the design they have chosen. I always take small breaks to let one layer or row dry before working on another one. A completed Mandala Plate 20may take as little as 1 hour or as long as 150 hours! But those are happy hours of my life. I sometimes become entirely consumed by the process and, like birthing a baby, the creation will not be stopped until it is complete. Making mandalas demands both concentration and relaxation, simultaneously- I like to consider it a form of meditation.
In what technique do you draw Mandalas?
I use the point-to-point technique to form my mandalas. Hundreds of years ago, this practice was widely utilized in Indonesia, Persia, and India, and it is currently undergoing a modern-day renaissance. This method demands respect, as it calls for a great deal of patience and imagination.
What materials are used in drawing Mandalas?
Acrylic paints and enamels are my medium of choice because they are quick-drying, non-toxic, vivid, and forgiving. When I start working on a new mandala plate, I may have an idea in my mind, but it will often materialize into something completely different! An expressive design will come to anyone who flows with their current mindset instead of against it. I tune-in, listen to myself, and simply trust my hands to create something beautiful.
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